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The firm of Leiter & Associates was founded in 1971 in association with another surveying company. It has practiced successfully in the areas of civil and environmental engineering in Southeast Florida over the last thirty-eight years.

The firm was reorganized in late 1986 and expanded into a comprehensive land planning, land surveying, civil and environmental engineering consulting business. It provides these services to clients throughout Southeast Florida for residential, commercial, industrial developments, and municipal work.

In 1997, George Perez's name was added to the corporate title of the firm. He became President and Chief Operating Officer. As of April 17, 1997, the firm is certified as a Micro/Small Business Enterprise (MICRO/SBE), Florida Certificate No. 10557 and Community Business Enterprise (CBE), Florida Certificate No. 1443, in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

In 2010, Mr. Perez transitioned out of day-to-day operations and Geoffrey Leiter was named President of the firm.


The firm is composed of professionals with expertise in the areas of civil and environmental engineering and land surveying. They are working together as a team to provide a complete service to clients from one source.

The President of the firm, Geoffrey Leiter, is a professional engineer and professional surveyor and mapper with a master's degree in water resources engineering. His responsibilities include managing the daily operations of the surveying department.

George Perez, is a professional engineer with a master's degree and specialty certification in pollutant storage systems and hazardous material handling.

The Senior Vice President of the firm, Martin Leiter is a professional engineer with a master's degree and specialty certification in environmental engineering.

The normal company complement of field crews is four, but as many as six crews have been placed in the field on large projects.


Within the engineering disciplines, primary emphasis is placed on planning, design, preparation of contract documents, and project administration and observation. Over the years, Leiter, Perez & Associates has successfully completed more than 800 projects for their clients. The most recent projects have included complete packages from boundary surveys through final platting and staking, as well as the design of sanitary sewer and water mains, drainage and streets, storm water master plans and construction services.
Gravity sanitary sewers are a part of the engineering design for nearly every subdivision undertaken. Sizes range from the routine eight inch pipe through fifteen and eighteen inch sizes. The larger pipe sizes become necessary only to handle discharges from smaller pumping stations that are then repumped by a larger, master station. Many of the gravity systems were checked by either infiltration or exfiltration tests to determine their soundness. Contract administration and field observation were also provided by Leiter, Perez & Associates for much of the work.  

An important part of sanitary sewerage systems in South Florida is pumping stations. Leiter, Perez & Associates has designed, provided contract documents and performed field observation for projects that have included nearly every type of pumping station.  Sewage pumping stations designed range in size from 2 horsepower to 500 horsepower, with sewage flows ranging from 50 to 3500 gpm. Different types of stations were designed ranging from large, flooded suction stations to smaller suction lift, air lift, vacuum, submersible and grinder submersible stations. Most of the stations were equipped for plug‑in auxiliary power from portable, trailer‑mounted generator sets. The larger stations were designed with permanently‑mounted auxiliary diesel generator sets. These sets were placed in free‑standing metal enclosures or in concrete block structures built as part of the station.

With pumping stations in nearly every subdivision and municipality, force mains are important, too. Sewage force mains designed amount to well over 150 miles, with contract administration and field observation also provided by Leiter, Perez &  Associates, Inc. Projects have varied in size from as short as 100 feet to more than 40,000 feet and pipe diameters have ranged from 4 inches to 36 inches. Pipe material had been cast iron in earlier times, with pvc and ductile iron being used for most installations in the last 10 years. Types of installation varied from the routine direct bury in open trench jacking and borings to subaqueous or aerial (suspended from a structure or on piling) crossings.
Water distribution systems have been part of the engineering design for nearly every  project undertaken. Sizes range from the routine six and eight inch pipe through the sixteen inch size. Several projects required pipe sizes as large as 36 inch. The larger sizes are necessary only to handle primary distribution to the areas, with an occasional extension needed to handle future needs beyond the immediate area being served. Leiter, Perez & Associates, Inc. designed and provided contract documents for their clients, and performed field observation and contract administration for most of their projects.

Storm water management and design have been performed throughout Dade County on projects such as Doral, Cocoplum, Fisher Island, Waterways, etc.  These projects varied in size from 160 acres to 600 acres.  Methods of disposal for storm water runoff included drainage wells, french drains, retention basins, etc., predicated on soil stratigraphy.   The firm did extensive Engineering Design and Survey on the Miami-Dade County FEMA funded projects for Storm Drainage System Betterments.  The firm has completed two major street Storm Drainage projects for Miami-Dade County as part of the (QNIP) program, “Quality Neighborhood Improvement Program.

The surveying group has prepared land surveys of all types, including route surveys, boundary surveys, mean high water, coastal construction line, topographic surveys, and construction layout. Lot surveys and flood elevation certifications are also performed if required or requested.

The surveyors are equipped with modern state‑of‑the‑art technology. Field crews use total station equipment with data collectors and electronic distance measuring, one collector being capable of transmitting data over hard wire directly into office computers. The firm has wide experience in GPS format surveying and mapping.  The firm has invested over $100,000 in the latest GPS equipment available in the market. 

The normal company complement of field crews is four, but as many as six crews have been placed in the field on large projects.  Office personnel have computers and plotters using the latest in CAD software to produce plats, survey drawings and drawings for contract documents. Legal descriptions and easements are routinely prepared by office personnel for public and private clients.  The firm has prepared condominium documents for major developers in South Florida. 

The firm is composed of professionals with expertise in the area of environmental land surveying.  Each individual is a land surveyor with special training in hazardous material handling and respiratory protection equipment.  Our personnel have completed the 40 hour refresher course.  Personnel are provided with an annual medical examination which is on file at the corporate office.  As required by law, a written respiratory protection program is kept at our office, which can be inspected at any time.
Presently, the surveying department is working on projects throughout Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. The field work involves boundary and topographic surveys, hydrographic surveys, mean high water surveys and section surveys. Also included are construction layout, "as‑builts" of underground utilities in private and public roadways, layout for construction of public and private roadways in subdivision work, including subgrade, base rock and finished pavement. Condominium surveys, special purpose surveys, volume surveys and tree location surveys also are part of the work, along with building layout and piling layouts. 

Office work includes land planning and subdivision design drawings, all land survey related drawings, and sketches of easements and legal descriptions for utilities locations. Calculations of excavation and fill volumes, preparation of plan and profile drawings and cross sections, and geometrical drawings showing construction layout of proposed improvements are also prepared.

In 1991, Leiter, Perez & Associates started working for governmental agencies.  The agencies included are Miami- Dade Water and Sewer Department (design of lift stations and force mains),  City of North Miami Beach (water main relocations and canal crossings) Miami-Dade County Aviation Department (general land surveying and miscellaneous hazardous material services) and Miami-Dade County Public Works Department (general land surveying). The contracts have been for $150,000 to over $1 million dollars.
In 1987, Leiter, Perez & Associates began to provide Certificates of Non‑existence of Hazardous or Toxic Materials to clients.  Leiter, Perez & Associates, Inc. has performed over 100 environmental audits that included both phase I and phase II review. All samples of water and soil were collected under the approved FDER Quality Assurance Plan. Monitoring wells and soil corings were installed and laboratory analyses were performed by state‑approved laboratories under field supervision of Leiter, Perez & Associates, Inc. personnel. Site assessment, remedial action and closure reports are prepared by Leiter, Perez & Associates, Inc. skilled professional staff. Several Contamination Assessment Reports (C.A.R.) and Remedial Action Plan (R.A.P.) have been completed, instituted, and successful cleanups have resulted in an efficient and cost effective method.